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Hey Trainer!

Meal Planner

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The Benefits of having the Meal Planner under your hand:

A quick overview of the spreadsheet’s structure:

Guide tab

This tab will help you to get used to the spreadsheet easily and fast. You will find the description of all other tabs there and instruction on how to use it. It has hyperlinks for easy navigation within the spreadsheet.

guide meal planner

Profile tab

You need to enter your gender, age, weight, and height there. After that, enter your body fat % and choose the formula to calculate your BMI and healthy weight from the drop-down (either “Katch, McArdle” or “Mifflin, St Jeor”). You will be able to enter the food you love or don’t love, as well as the allergies and health issues you have to adjust the meal plan. The last thing you have to do here is choosing the goal (either lose or gain weight and choose how many meals you would like to have per day and how many activities you can perform a week). After that, the Meal Planner will automatically calculate your BMI and suggest a healthy weight. It will also calculate the suggested number of protein, carbs, fat, fiber, and calories in grams per day. This tab has line and pie charts so that you can see everything visually.

fitness traker

Food base tab

The food database is taken from the official U.S. Agriculture Department website ( and stored in this tab. Each food has its own protein, carbs, fat, and calories indicators as well as the serving size if applicable.

meal planner01

Add Food tab

You can add your own foods here, which are absent in the already stored database. Just enter the food name (you can even create a food group for easy navigation) and input its nutritious values.
meal planner 02

Recipes tab

It allows you to create an unlimited number of recipes. You will be able to select the ingredients that are in your food database from the dropdown and enter their weight. After that, the spreadsheet will automatically calculate the serving size, nutritious values for each ingredient. You can also add cooking instructions there.

healthy resipes

Meal Plan tab

Here you are able to create meal plans for 7 days. The number of meals is adjustable and unlimited (breakfast, snack, lunch, etc.). Just choose the foods you want for each eating from the dropdown and the spreadsheet will calculate its nutritious values automatically. There is also a handy summary at the top of the spreadsheet that will show the total protein, carbs, fat, and calories per day.

meal planner 03

Shopping list

This is an automated weekly and daily list of foods you need to buy to cook each meal. It also adjusted so that you will be able to see it from your smartphone.

count calories


The Meal Planner already has 10 universal recipes and 5 weekly meal plans. Don’t hesitate to share them with your friends or family. Maybe they can come in handy 🙂

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“OMG!!!! This Meal Planner does everything I couldn’t get from ANY app. Now I make meal plans 4X faster – TOP PRODUCT!!”

– Jeff, a certified personal trainer.

Serhii Kovchenko

About the author

I’m Serhii Kovchenko, an Excel and Google Sheets expert who created/designed/automated training and nutrition spreadsheets for dozens of personal trainers and fitness facilities.

The main purpose of the Meal Planner is to help people plan their nutrition. Of course, the Meal Planner is great either for trainers or for personal use as well 🙂You will get a link to your own Meal Planner Google Sheet. Then, you can copy it as many times as you need.

Yes! It has clear animated instructions on the first page. Preview

No, they don’t need a Google account. They will be able to view/edit it even without a Google account.

Install Google Sheets app, log in into your Google Account, and open the Meal Planner there. But keep in mind that it looks best on a desktop or a tablet.

Yes, you can switch between Metric & Imperial units.

Yes, you can print any part of the Meal Planner: Preview

Yes, just message me and we will find the best way to translate the Meal Planner into your language.

No, the Meal Planner is developed in Google Sheets and will only work correctly there.

Yes, you can buy a license to become the full owner of the template and have all rights to sell it by yourself. In this case, I can consider the Meal Planner as an exclusive project and sell it here based on my hourly rate. Please message me if you would like to discuss this.

Designed for Fitness Trainers

Meal Planner

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meal planner
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