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Tips to Get More Personal Training Clients

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BY: jacob wildman

The sale of personal training programs is the key to a coach’s success. A professional trainer must be a good teacher and salesman simultaneously; otherwise, they cannot fulfil themselves.

Basically, personal training is the main product you propose to your clients. Everything else is ancillary services. That’s why we’re going to help you figure out how to gain a large constituency of customers and discover what things are in-trend and would assist you in finding new clientele. Social media can facilitate you.

We would like to share with you some practical tips on what you can do to involve further clients in your personal training sessions so that you keep them for a long time.

Create your business network

Various social media have become the main tools for sharing our lives and communicating with others. People are willing to devote heaps of their time to them. Many already unknowingly pick up their phone and access social media at any time: riding the bus, sitting in the park, having lunch, etc. German company Statista conducted research and found out that over 3.6 billion people all over the world use social media. Additionally, Statista believes that by 2025 there will be almost a billion more people using social media.

Considering the number of people who use social media, it makes sense to create a business account. Believe us, this is just what you need to attract clients for personal training. 

Create dedicated business accounts on some of the most popular social media sites, Facebook and Instagram. If you have the ability to post videos, you can run a social media Tiktok in parallel, which will be an additional marketing opportunity for you.

While you’re creating and populating your profiles, browse through different sports groups and conversations. Publish your ads there and give advice to people in need; this will help you build relationships with potential clients who will eventually use your services.

Publish stories and posts

Once you have managed to create a business account, you need to establish the regularity of your posts. The fact is that if you post mindlessly, without a clear schedule, you won’t be able to attract personal training clients.

People on social media, first and foremost, look at the picture, the visual. If it’s a set of incomprehensible pictures, it’s a big failure. If posts are published too infrequently, that’s also a failure. Regular and effective posting to your account keeps your subscribers interested and connected. 

How do you do this if you’ve never experienced it before? The Fitness Social Media Calendar from FitWell Content is a great option for you. It contains ideas with postings and captions for each day, different infographics, challenge templates, and more. You can also edit each of the templates to your liking. Plus, a calendar like this is great for saving you time and attracting a lot more subscribers.

fitness business network

Engaging with your audience

In order for your social media account to thrive and work the way you want it to, you absolutely need interaction with your audience. What might that be? 

  • People can leave comments on your photos or videos – be sure to respond to them; if people write you personal messages with a request or advice – respond to them. It’s not difficult to do, but it will increase the audience’s interest. Be attentive to your clients’ problems. Have question-and-answer type games in your stories to heat up and entertain your audience. Communicate with your audience; they’re interested when a personal trainer talks to them about training.

If you feel like you don’t have time for that, then you’re certainly not using the Fitness Social Media Calendar from FitWell Content. Why not? It will save you a lot of time and simultaneously make you even more successful at getting new clients.

Share the results of your work

Almost everyone interested in the issue of personal training wants to see the real results, which will help them find a trainer. If you have the opportunity, agree with your clients who have already achieved results to show their before-and-after pictures to your audience on social media. 

This way, your potential clients will see the results you can help them achieve and express a desire to conduct personal training with you.

smm tips

Social Media Marketing Tips

Engaging with your audience and showing them the results they can achieve is very good, but you have to get that audience from somewhere first. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be a miracle and you’re not going to fill up your account and have a million subscribers at once. You have to make an effort to do that. Have you heard anything about social media marketing?

Social media marketing, or SMM, is the easiest way to reach a large audience. Social platforms are essential to building brand awareness. About 52% of online businesses are found by users on social media. It’s where most people find out about new brands. So we have prepared for you some simple but really effective tips on how to expand your client audience on social media.


Targeting is paid advertising on social media. How does it work? Let’s see an example to make it easier:

  • One browses the Internet on various sites for something on the topic of training and sports. 
  • Cookie files are collected, which remember what information was viewed by the person. 
  • One then checks social media, where business accounts are promoted to them on the topic they browsed.
  • That’s it! That person clicks on the advertised account they are interested in, and if they like its content, they stay on that page.

At this point, targeting is the primary, most trusted, and safest way to engage your target audience. Using Instagram as an example, targeting advertising costs anywhere from $1 to $1,000 per day. The more expensive services, the more people per day will see your ads. 


Participating in marathons is great for promoting your personal brand. How does it work? You need to find like-minded people on your topic with your target audience, i.e. those who also offer training services on social media. Create your own marathon. That way, you’ll swap some of your subscribers with another account.

FitWell Content can help you create a marathon. For example, create a marathon on buttock lift in 3 weeks. Tweak it to suit your style, and you’re done.

Keep in mind that a marathon can be followed by an outflow of subscribers of up to 30% – this is great.

fitness product

Working with Influencers

Who are influencers? These are people with a large audience of viewers on social media that they have an influence over, and often they are bloggers. Keep in mind that sometimes this doesn’t work if the blogger frequently advertises, and often, such services cost a fortune.

What we suggest: work with bloggers on a barter basis. Pick a blogger with a small number of subscribers (10-50k) and offer them an option:

  • You work with that blogger and provide them with your personal training for free.
  • In return, the blogger shares the results with their audience and recommends you as a trainer to their subscribers. 

This is a way of marketing you as a personal trainer on other people’s pages. You can even suggest that everyone who subscribes to your social media from this blogger will get access to an interesting and helpful article, such as “Changing a Habit for Lazy a Person“, as a gift.

The importance of the product you offer to customers

We’ve already talked about how important it is to have good social media content and marketing options for a personal trainer. But there is an equally important, and from some points of view more important, issue: product formation.

The product is the solution you offer people to their problems. So if you have a cool business account and beautiful visuals on social networks, but you do not have a clear product created for clients, the result will still be pitiful.

To avoid this mistake and start immediately with a positive result, take a closer look at FitWel Content products. In addition to offering you ready-made content to make your business account look good, FitWell Content also has workout options, a meal planner that you can use for many clients, and articles and books on wellness that will set your clients up even better.

FitWell Content makes your life as a trainer easier because everything is already done for you.


The probability of the product being the same is practically zero, especially as each trainer changes the content interface to fit his or her brand.

No, all the content is developed in the Canva app, so everyone can easily and quickly change the interface of the content and make it more suitable for your brand.

By following our tips, you can quickly and easily gain a target audience and promote your personal training to them.

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