Personal Training vs Group Training

Personal Training vs Group Training. What is More Effective?

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BY: jacob wildman

Considering the modern way of life, exercise is essential for our health. Nowadays, there is a variety of training, whether it is done individually, privately with a coach, in a group, or in a group of your girlfriends. 

Longtime supporters of healthy lifestyles have already tried out all sorts of training formats and were able to choose one thing: personal training with a trainer or group training. But it is not easy for beginners in this case. After all, as soon as a person crosses the threshold of the gym, they are offered to buy everything at once: a gym membership, training with a personal trainer and going to group workouts a couple of times a week.

Let’s figure out which option is right for your client. Do they need to pay for a personal training session or is it more convenient to train with a group?

Personal training

Of course, if your client did sports a long time ago and is not in good shape, they may need help when working out in the gym. The first thing that comes to mind is personal training sessions. It is convenient and effective to work out with a personal trainer because the trainer sees the client from the side and will help to understand all the issues. There are benefits:

personal training


  • Individual training plan: all workloads are prepared by the personal trainer taking into account the physical abilities and possible diseases of the client.
  • High efficiency: the personal trainer will monitor the correctness of the exercises in order to achieve maximum results. All the coach’s attention is focused on the client. 
  • Low risk of injury: the trainer will supervise the client during the exercises. 
  • Constant motivation: a professional coach will always find the right words to support the client during difficult personal training
  • Personal schedule: the client can always adjust the training schedule and come to the gym when it is more convenient for them, agreeing with the trainer in advance.  
  • Clients who are overweight and feel discomfort because of this feel more relaxed when practicing in person with a trainer. 


However tempting all the positive aspects of acquiring a personal trainer are, there is a downside as well.

  • The cost is high: on average, one session with a personal trainer costs $60. And the approximate price range for personal training ranges from $39 to $100 per workout. And that’s not the final cost. That can significantly strain the client’s wallet. You can check the average cost by your ZIP code here.
  • Lack of like-minded people: your client will be alone in achieving the goal, so very soon the sessions in the gym may get boring. That’s why it’s worth paying special attention to customer motivation. 

But remember that any disadvantage can be turned into an advantage. For example, the high cost of personal training can be replaced by the purchase of a monthly workout from FitWell Content. This will allow for a quality workout, but save the budget, because the client only needs to pay once. And the client can find like-minded people among your other clients, who will do the same training programs.

group workouts

Group workouts

Group workouts are an equally popular format for training. Modern fitness clubs allocate several separate rooms at once to hold different group training schedules there. Along with the group, the client can attend stretching, yoga, pilates, dance, aerobics, and many other fitness programs. 

If the gym has a pool, group training can often be done there as well. The most popular group training sessions at the pool are aqua aerobics and yoga for pregnant women.


  • Any level of fitness is welcome: in group training, there is no discrimination on the level of athletic ability. From the beginner to the experienced athlete, group workouts are suitable for everyone. 
  • Total immersion: The client is fully engaged in the workout, as no one and nothing distracts the client during a group training session. 
  • Increased efficiency due to competitiveness: the client constantly follows the other visitors to group workouts and motivates themselves to be better than them. 
  • Wide choice of directions: gyms offer a huge number of group workouts, so the client can choose a fitness program to his or her liking.


However, everywhere there are positives as well as negatives. So now let’s understand the disadvantages of group training:

  • Reduced attention of the trainer: usually 10 to 30 people are present at the session, so the trainer physically will not be able to pay attention to each client in the group. 
  • Strict class schedule: the client will not be able to reschedule a group workout if for any reason, they could not come. Moreover, in some gyms, a missed day is still deducted from the workout.
  • High risk of injury or ineffective training: the trainer does not have time to keep track of everyone so, likely, the client will not quickly achieve the desired results.

How to choose the type of classes for a client?

There is no right answer to this question. After all, if your client has been practicing with a personal trainer for a long time or attends weekly group training sessions and has learned almost the entire range of exercises offered, the client can try to switch to self-training or reduce the amount of personal training. With FitWell Content, it’s very easy to do this because the programs are designed to do the exercises on their own.

But if your client is new and unknown with most exercise options, self-training can be harmful.


Yes! For example, if the client will do strength exercises with a trainer, and the training in the group will be aimed in another direction, such as dancing or yoga.

Not really. We have many different workouts, including yoga, Tabatha, and strength training. But we don’t have workouts like dance, for example.

Yes! The FitWell Content programs are specifically designed for clients to exercise on their own. Each program has a video and description of how to do the workout. We guarantee the effectiveness of our workout programs.

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