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Instagram Marketing for Fitness Professionals

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Developing a personal brand will give you access to a larger audience than the city or country. You can become a coach for anyone impressed with you. This article will help you figure out what a personal trainer needs to do to promote their services on Instagram.

Instagram has become a key platform for processing requests for online coaches. The competition is enormous, and lazy blogging no longer works. If you want to become a healthy lifestyle influencer, you need to use your strengths, motivate people to engage, and communicate. You should consider the social network possibilities to your advantage.

Instagram Marketing Tips for fitness trainers

Any Instagram marketing blog is built on the charisma of its owner. Some trainers express beauty and photogenicity, and some are super-specialists in their field. A fitness blogger needs to show the perfect body at least. If you can give competent advice and have a sense of humor, this is ideal for promotion on Instagram. 

There are so many fitness business blogs now that you won’t surprise anyone with the same type of photos and articles copied from the Internet. You need to work on your account, use free and paid promotion methods, post every day, respond to comments, upload Stories, etc. Let’s look at these methods in more detail.

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Body photos

All athletes are almost always in the same day mode: sleep-food-hall. Therefore, the Instagram marketing photos can be the same: selfies in the locker room or the gym. But you need to constantly change your look in order to attract more subscribers. Never stand still! 

What to do:

  • Always be in good shape to impress your subscribers with impeccable pictures.
  • Suppose you don’t have any possibilities to use the services of a professional photographer. In that case, you need to find photographers to collaborate on TFP terms (you get a free shot, and the photographer receives a free model). You will not have super professional photos, but they are better than selfies.
  • Learn how to use simple photo editing software on your phone: VSCO, Snapseed. Take photos in daylight.
  • Take pictures while traveling in different clothes and images. Later, do not post all the pictures at once, but use them gradually.
  • If you can’t choose one of a dozen of the same type of photos, make a post-gallery. At the same time, you can ask subscribers which angle they like best. It will increase the number of comments (engagement).

Photos of healthy food

If you decide to promote a healthy lifestyle, why not post photos of healthy food. Perhaps they will help your subscribers choose the appropriate healthy meal for them. Cook all the same simple dishes, but photograph them beautifully.

Photos on the phone will be sufficient for Instagram fitness marketing. Learn three basics of food photography. It does not take much time:

  1. Do not shoot a head-on photo with a flash. When shooting it is desirable to cover the pulsed source with paper in order to obtain diffuse lighting.
  2. Try to shoot food in natural light from a window. Such lighting will give the best play of light and shadows.
  3. Try to take thoughtful shots of where the food will be fitted into the interior. If shooting is done on a table, keep it clean, free of food crumbs and fingerprints.

Client Photos before/after

Client results are the best proof of your professionalism. Tell about the work process, the plan, post a photo, and how your client results have changed over time. 

Tag the story’s hero in the picture and the post’s caption (with his consent). Most likely, a person will repost to his profile, which will add subscribers to your profile. 

Your client’s before and after photos should be of normal quality. Therefore, it is necessary to: 

  • ask your clients to take pictures during the day;
  • use a plain light background;
  • the background should be natural and concise.
  • let them make a short video – in 360 degrees;

Video content

Video remains one of the leading Instagram fitness marketing trends in 2022. You can make 10-minute videos in a row from multiple photos/videos in a post! 

  • It is enough time to show your workout, what you ate during the day, etc. 
  • You can post your recipes. 
  • The requirements for video are the same as for photos – in daylight, pay attention to the background (make sure that the room is clean, put on good clothes, do makeup, etc.).

Go Live and upload long fitness workouts to IGTV. Use all available Instagram formats to stay in touch with your followers as much as possible.


Sometimes just a photo of all your body is already enough for success on your social media. You can earn on ads in your account. But to become a coach and consultant (online and offline clients), you need to show your competence with the right content. 

Your subscribers do not want knowledge of the university level of physical education and sports from your blog. Most of the audience is always newbies. Advanced people no longer take information from Instagram marketing blogs, and they don’t need a coach. And for beginners, simple tips are always relevant – where to start, how to make a nutrition and training plan for weight loss/muscle gain, etc. Many do not know how to count calories in the usual salad.

What to write about:

  • detailed training program. Publish descriptions of exercises (with photos and videos). You can post even your gallery;
  • healthy lifestyle principles;
  • health analysis before the start of the course, etc.; 
  • diet selection;
  • your achievements: participation in competitions, advanced training with all the truth and obstacles. Such content works effectively with Stories and live broadcasts;
  • your subscribers’ true stories based on good results of your work.

Give reasons to convince doubters. And finally, add a call to action that will tell potential customers what to do: 

  • write to me; 
  • put a plus in the comments;
  • leave a request on the site, etc.

But do not copy word-for-word articles from the Internet. Instagram has slightly different rules for texts. Brevity and simple spoken language are valued. Otherwise, no one will read your blog.

instagram marketing for fitness trainers

Content plan for a fitness trainer

In any business, success is easier to achieve if there is a plan of action. It’s the same with Instagram accounts. A content plan for your social media will make life easier for you. You don’t need to think about what to publish today, and your subscribers will know when your next post is ready.

You don’t have to make a super-detailed personal trainer plan, think through all the information posts for a month in advance, etc. Just sketch it out like this:

  • Monday – exercises;
  • Tuesday and Thursday – marathon;
  • Wednesday and Friday – post about healthy food;
  • weekends – selfies and an invitation to communicate.

One of the conditions for promotion on Instagram is consistency. And with a content plan, it’s much easier to adhere to the regime. The more often you appear in the feed, the better your subscribers remember you. But don’t spam, 1- to 3 posts per day is enough. And if this is an informative, educational post, then one a day will be enough. You can post up to a week ahead. Publish them automatically at the right time using postponed posting services.

How to choose the best format for the Instagram posting?

The more formats you use, the more interesting it is for subscribers and the higher your account engagement.

Use all posting formats:

  • Posts with photos/videos
  • Stories (video, images, questions, and tests for interactive)
  • Live
  • Reels

Try to find your zest. There are many fitness business bloggers, all profiles are very similar to each other. Try to understand who your subscribers are and specialize exactly in their needs. If you recently had a baby, talk about fitness during pregnancy and losing weight after. If you are preparing for competitions, arrange a reality show with regular reports, live broadcasts, etc.

If you have lost 50kg – show your before/after photos and your successful work with overweight girls. You don’t need to come up with something unique. Find your “specialization” and try to become a prominent blogger in this area.


There are thematic and branded hashtags for Instagram. For example:

  • For workout posts: #fitnesshome, #fitnesstraineronline, #fitnessblog, #fitnessmarathon, #fitnessgirls, #fitnessforkids, #fitnessbody, #workouthome, #workoutoutdoor, #workouteveryday, etc.
  • For posts about nutrition: #fitnesnutrition, #fitnessrecipes, #fitness, #sports nutrition, #recipepp, #recipes_pp, #recipes for weight loss, #recipessmoothies, #ppblog, #ppsweets, etc.

Use up to 10 hashtags to avoid spamming and send ads without limits.

  • advertising in the profile as an influencer;
  • participation in affiliate programs with sports brands;
  • consultations on a healthy lifestyle;
  • nutrition programs;
  • online training;
  • fitness marathons;
  • fitness camps;
  • own brand and launch an online store.

There are 3 ways: honestly, involving, and promptly. Honestly: do not to catch the negative. Say the actual price, schedule, etc. Involving: understand the customer’s request. If you’ve told everything about training and the person says “I’ll think about it,” at the very least, ask if they have any questions. Promptly: means you need to respond to the message within an hour, or even faster, while the person is burning with desire.

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