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Motivational Stories of Fitness Successes to Inspire Your Clients

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To be beautiful and, most importantly, to get healthy is a normal desire of every person. After all, when we look in the mirror, we sometimes can find flaws and imperfections that we would like to correct.

The most common flaw many people find in themselves is an imperfect figure. Some people want to lose weight, so their body becomes slimmer without extra centimeters. Some people want to build muscle, to become irresistible among their friends. And each of these people makes some of the most important decisions: to change their lives, start exercising, and contact a personal trainer.

Most likely, this is why you get clients, but for sure you know that not everyone has enough motivation to reach the end. Many people give up halfway because they don’t believe in themselves and their success. For the client to continue to believe in their success, the personal trainer needs to motivate the client. How do you do this? One option is to tell real success stories.

How and why do success stories motivate customers?

Your clients will be inspired by success stories because they can appreciate the results of those who have achieved their goals through effort. Seeing the path others have taken and the reward they’ve received, clients are involuntarily motivated to make some effort, whether it’s weight loss or something else.

The result is one of the easiest and most accessible sources of motivation for all of us. People of any age will have a story about how they achieved a goal that was important to them. That goal may have been small in scale, but it helped them feel the value of their effort and inspired them to do new things. 

Now imagine how proud your clients would be if their personal trainer told their success stories. And that’s how you’ll motivate new clients to succeed.

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Real weight loss success stories to motivate your clients

Hundreds of success stories motivate and inspire millions of people who are just at the beginning or in the middle of their journey to success. Success is different, and no matter how many people you ask, everyone has a different understanding of what it means to be a successful person. Here are some real-life fitness success stories that will help your clients stay on track.

Lost weight after leaving husband

Natalie Jill is a highly successful blogger on Instagram. Her page has been officially verified by Instagram, and she is followed by about half a million people. Natalie is slim and athletic, but she was not always like this, and weight loss journey was not easy for her. She decided to lose weight after some family drama.

During pregnancy, Natalie, like many others, gained weight. After that, her husband told her that she had become too fat, and he left her. Her husband did not even wait until his wife had given birth to their child.

After the birth of the baby, the abandoned woman did not want to live and even tried to commit suicide. But then she pulled herself together and decided to lose weight to prove to her husband how wrong he had been. Before that, Natalie had never turned to a personal trainer in her life. 

Today, Natalie Jill is 50 years old. The American has started running workouts, trained as a nutritionist, and is even writing books about fitness training. And also, on her Instagram, she helps others get healthy, happy, and slim.

Minus 240 kg

Christina Phillips had huge complexes from childhood because of her appearance and unhealthy family atmosphere. Parental conflicts and yelling led to Christina weighing 130kg at the early age of 12. The girl was stress eating.

At 21, the girl weighed as much as 300 kg, but that did not stop her from finding the man she married. Because the girl’s weight was growing rapidly, and her husband only contributed to this, at 22, it was difficult for the girl to get out of bed, and weight loss was not a question at all.

Fortunately, she heard about the My 600-lb Life project and asked for help. The creators of the project agreed to help the girl and put together a personalized diet for her. Over five years of intense workouts and a proper, healthy diet, Christina was able to lose 238 kg.

Having achieved an impressive result and turned into a slim woman, Phillips was again confronted with a blow: her husband could not put up with the weight loss of his mate and file for divorce. But the woman did not despair and found a new love. In the marriage, she gave birth to a child

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Transformation in 30 seconds

Lucy Bergin, a 20-year-old from Tampa, Florida, decided to lose weight in November when she weighed 73 kilograms. In six months, the lady managed to lose 13 kilograms, and all this time she did not forget to take pictures every day. She edited all the images into a 30-second video to show her progress. 

For Lucy, it was not her first attempt at weight loss because she was always overweight as a child and teenager. And because of her scoliosis and the need to wear a bandage as a child, she wasn’t able to fully exercise. It didn’t do her any good.

At age 17, Lucy weighed 97 kg and realized that she was most likely obese. So she took up exercising. And to avoid harming her health, the lady went through training and received a certificate from a personal trainer. The extra kilograms disappeared then came back – weight loss was still a problem.

However, in the fall of 2020, Lucy saw other people’s transformation diaries on TikTok, and she decided to try it too. And it worked! In addition to finally being successful at weight loss, she became popular with her video, which got as many as 11 million views on TikTok.

Lost weight and became a model

Sebastian David lost 25 kg in seven months. When Sebastian’s father was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in the summer of 2013, he put his desire to get healthy on the back burner. For nine months, the guy didn’t cook food but bought junk food or went to fast-food restaurants.

Sport was out of the question since the guy was always taking care of his father. But after the loss of his father, there were changes in Sebastian’s mind, and he decided to resume his training and start eating right. David promised himself and his mother that he would go to the gym daily. Moreover, he asked for help from a personal trainer, who developed a special diet for him. 

Through proper diet and exercise, Sebastian lost 25 kg in seven months. After a few more months, the guy built enough muscle to shock the public with before-and-after photos on social media. After the big weight loss, David was offered several modeling contracts, which he initially turned down.


Yes, these stories show the progress that can be made if one does not stop halfway. Use these stories to motivate your clients so they can succeed, too.

To help you stop worrying about whether you’re on the right track or not, FitWell Content has developed ready-made workout programs for you and your clients.

Each program has a list of exercises your clients will follow and succeed in. These programs are designed to relieve the trainer of the daily task of devising workouts. The Strength & Mobility program, for example, is designed so it takes six weeks for your clients to achieve meaningful results.

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