Content Engaging Strategies for Increasing Customers

How to Create an Engagement Content For Your Clients

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When everything in fitness seems to be changing, with new opportunities and new challenges emerging every day, there are still tried and tested tactics that clubs can rely on to build their customer base.

Content is your best customer bait. The main task of content marketing is to inform people about the product so that they want to buy it and use it, and then come back again. In the case of fitness, they bought subscriptions to your fitness club or went to particular trainers.

It would be a blunder to build a marketing strategy and not include appropriate social media content and manage it. How can you stand out from the crowd in such a situation – how can you put yourself and your product above other brands in your niche?

What is engaging content?

Engaging content encourages people to take some action on your site, whether by likes on social networks, subscriptions, form filling, or other actions.

It is important to decide what specific action users should take before creating engaging content. This is the only way to create fitness trainer content that directs people to the right button, page or block. Otherwise, you would be shooting without aiming and not even be able to evaluate the result of your actions.

And the effectiveness of captivating social media content, like everything else, is evaluated by achieving the set KPIs. Here are the metrics you can track:

  • Page views. View rates are the number of users visiting a specific page on your site.
  • Unique visitors. A unique visitor is a person who visits the website at least once during a certain reporting period. Unique visitors show how many people actually visit your website.
  • Time on Page: An engagement metric that measures the time a user spends on a page on your website. Users are expected to spend more time on your site if they like your engaging content.
  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of fitness trainer‘s visitors who exit after viewing only one page on your site. A low bounce rate is a good sign. IT means that users are moving to other pages on your site.
  • Pages per session: A measure of the number of pages a user visits per session. The logic is that if a user visits several pages on your site, then they are interested in your site.
  • Page depth/scroll. If the user scrolls down the page, it means that they have read it to the end.
  • New vs returning visitors. You want new visitors, but you also want users to come back to your site. Great social media content will keep visitors coming back for more.
  • Conversion Rate: Conversion is measured differently depending on your goals.

These are the simplest and most essential things to track.

engaging content

How can you make your content more engaging?

Any content created as part of a content marketing strategy must:

  • take into account the characteristics of the target audience, and meet its needs;
  • attract the attention of potential customers, evoke emotions in them;
  • be strongly associated with the company: have a recognizable design;
  • contain facts about the product that demonstrate its advantages and differences from competitors’ products;
  • contain a call for targeted impact. It can be not only a purchase but also a click on a link, a subscription to news, consent to participate in a free webinar, and more.

This is the base you need to make your online fitness business content high quality. But you should do more to engage more people. Follow our tips on creating engaging social media content.

Create entertaining video content

Videos and animations are always considered the top content that reaches the audience the best. You can easily create a nice and suitable version of engaging video content. 

Run a challenge to boost user-generated content

You can arrange a contest with the best photo/drawing/story about your brand or product. This will give you good reach and native ads. And your subscribers will be responsible for creating all this. Remember that you need to add a thematic hashtag that matches the topic. Also, choose a quality prize for the winners and publish the best work on your site: this will motivate users to create even more engaging content.

Make a list

Lists are always great for the audience. For example, you can make a list of recommendations for gifts, promises, and plans for the year, as well as tips on how to sum up and correct the mistakes of the past properly. People will add such useful social media content to their bookmarks and share it with friends. The main thing is to initially approach the issue and not give banal advice, which is already full.


Offer the audience some goals for the year, which you will all work towards together. For example, read 50 books, donate some amount to charity every month, learn a new language, and do not miss the gym. Create a unique hashtag for this so that you can track the audience’s activity. And also offer them a nice bonus for participation. For example, a small discount on a service or product.

Gifts for your main fans

Determine which of the audience often and regularly supports your online fitness business with comments, makes orders and gives them a pleasant surprise – send some kind of gift or give a discount on the next orders without warning. These are already loyal customers this way, they will become even more dedicated and understand that the brand appreciates and loves them. This is a trifle for you, but it is an important motivator to treat you even better.

Compile the results of the year

Write down the achieved fitness trainer results. Of course, here, you can list the successes and failures of the brand directly in its work, but you should not stop there. Tell followers about your employees’ favorite films, books, and music albums over the past year. Invite the audience to share their own results, and don’t forget to add a unique hashtag here too.

Share the best

Tell your audience about your brand’s most popular products or services. Show which posts were the most viewed, and digest the most interesting that you had in the past year.

content strategy

When will your content strategy pay off?

Before the engaging content finds the target audience, it is necessary to go through target audience analysis, strategy development, and hypothesis testing stages. It usually takes two to three months. After this time, we are still not talking about sales and, moreover, about building brand loyalty.

You can notice an increase in traffic on the site or subscribers on social networks after about three months from the start of the implementation of the strategy – provided that it is drawn up correctly. It usually takes six months to a year to increase sales with the help of content marketing.

What mistakes are made when promoting products using content?

The main mistakes that marketers or business owners make when implementing an engaging content strategy are:

  • Lack of goals when developing a strategy. Producing content for the sake of content doesn’t make sense.
  • Article commercialization. Intrusive advertising causes negative emotions in the audience. The main task of content marketing is to create a need for a product in customers and show its benefits so that the customer can make a purchase decision.
  • Low-quality content. Inaccurate information, texts with errors, and an excess of key phrases repel customers.
  • Lack of calls to action. Content that is created to promote products or services should contain a clear call to action and provide an opportunity to complete it. Therefore, links, feedback forms, and buttons with clear text are essential – and technical capabilities for transitions, clicks or payments.

Rethink the strategy and presentation of what you want to convey to your target audience. Content marketing uses methods that ultimately produce results and attract quality audiences. However, it must be borne in mind that this is achieved through a competent strategy and that as the business develops, it must be reviewed and adjusted.


To create a content strategy:

  • study the target audience;
  • analyze competitors;
  • define goals and objectives;
  • assemble a content team;
  • decide on formats, themes, channels and frequency of release.

Quality content is material that has a number of characteristics: uniqueness, usefulness, practicality, information content, and which makes the user stay and study it.

To create a useful and understandable content plan you need:

  • Create a table in which you indicate what types of content you will publish on what days.
  • Come up with a theme for each type of content.
  • Write the post’s text and create a video or photo for it.
  • Remember to post on the right day and time.

Quality content is useful, structured, and easily written information that answers users’ questions. What is high-quality content, what should it be, and how best to present information to the audience and stand out from competitors – we will analyze further.

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