The average cost of a personal trainer. How to set prices for training?

How to Set Prices For Your Personal Training?

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Surely many coaches have heard from their clients the phrase “your training is expensive” at least once in their lives. Of course, this phrase can upset any trainer because this means you are likely to lose a client and, accordingly, the earnings. And, psychologically, one devaluates the trainer’s work.

Unfortunately, many prospective clients do look at the price of a coach’s services and refuse to cooperate. Since the services are expensive, the thought immediately pops up in client’s mind: “I can do my own exercises but for free. But many beginners, who enthusiastically begin to exercise, often overestimate their physical abilities and inflict damage on their health. To avoid such situations, the best option is to hire a trainer.

But how can a trainer correctly calculate the cost of their services, so that the price does not discourage the client? Let’s figure it out.

What determines the cost of a personal trainer?

Personal trainer services can greatly vary in cost. The price of your services is decisive – realize exactly how much training they will be able to afford and is it worth it. According to the Thumbtack website, the average cost of a personal trainer ranges from about $60. But you should keep in mind that there are several factors that can affect the pricing of your services:

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Coaching experience

Before choosing a personal coach, of course, we consider his or her experience, which to a large extent distinguishes the coach from others and gives high rates. Of course, you should certainly realize that no client will come to a rookie trainer for a $100 fee. But beginners have a different priority.

A rookie trainer can put a lower price for their services, such as $25-35 per session. This will allow them to expand their clientele and gain enough experience to raise personal trainer rates in the future.

As for the experienced trainers, they can charge a higher price for their training because they have the expertise or knowledge necessary to provide services properly. However, there is a small catch: no matter how good a trainer may be with extensive experience, many people with average incomes will not pay $200 per session. Be realistic, and compare the cost of other personal trainers with the same experience as yours.


The fact is that most people who choose a personal trainer, look at the availability of appropriate education and certificates. Why? It’s quite simple:

According to most people, if the one has the appropriate education, it is believed they are more competent in their business. And this is a fact. If you want to earn more, you need to get an education. This can be various courses, trainings, internships, etc. Yes, it costs money, but it will pay off with a higher price for your training. Plus, you will begin to have a better understanding of your capabilities. And you can consider it a kind of investment, because you spent money on training of various types, and now you need to compensate for what you spent.

For you to be able to get even higher personal trainer rates or have more clients, you can be certified. Having a certification will give you an even greater advantage over other trainers, as not many people dare to get certified. Clients will be confident in your competence because having a certificate will prove your skills in this field. Additionally, with certification, you will increase your efficiency and be able to share the latest sports techniques with clients. Innovation is quite expensive, so you can increase the cost of your services a little bit.

Training duration

Yes, how long your workout with a client also affects the cost of a personal trainer. On average, a training session lasts an hour. This is usually the way all trainers distribute themselves, to have time to train and discuss important things with the client.

But if you have something to offer to make workouts more effective, you can offer it to a client, and increase the price, for example, up to $5. But if you have extra material, then you need extra time to share it. You either need to add time or compress the program a bit.

Actually, this price is a real bargain for one client, and they will understand the effect that the training gives. And for you, this will be a plus, because having 4 clients a day, you will earn an additional $20 a day. For 5 working days a week, you will earn $100 more, and for a month – $400.

Add-on services

If you want to increase the cost of your personal training, you can provide clients with additional services that will work even more effectively, combined with workouts, such as a meal plan for your existing workouts. It’s worth explaining to clients that if they go to a nutritionist and a personal trainer separately, it will cost twice as much. But if they use your personal trainer and meal plan, they can save money.

The extras give you the opportunity to increase your personal trainer rates by about 20-30%, which figure to choose is up to you.

To help you out, FitWell Content offers you the Meal Planner, which will be convenient for both you and your clients. The Meal Planner has many useful things that will surprise your customers, for example, the page with tasty and healthy recipes that you can add for customers yourself. Recipes can be selected here.

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Quantity of training purchased by the client

The cost of a personal trainer can also be affected by the number of workouts purchased. What does this mean? Often, personal trainers have promotions on the purchase of their workouts. For example, 1 workout will cost $70, but if a client buys 3 workouts in one go, they will need to pay $190. So the client can save $20 rather than having to buy 1 workout each time.

This is an advantage for the coach: they know exactly how many times the client will come for training. You can do different options for buying in bulk, such as 3, 5, and 10 workouts, where 10 workouts will be a loyal price for the client’s purchase.

To get even more customers, and therefore earn more, you can make a promotion “Bring a friend and get a 15% discount,” or something along those lines. You won’t lose a lot of money, but you will get new customers who will pay more.

Type of training

The price of a workout can depend on where and how the trainer works.

Probably everyone understands that gym trainer costs will certainly be higher because the cost of the training includes the rent of the facility where you work out.

Online coaching prices are much lower. The whole point is that the trainer does not need a separate space to give clients a workout. This can be a pre-recorded video, which the client will watch and exercise when it is convenient for them to do so. Such online services are becoming increasingly popular, as it is quite convenient.

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Online personal training programs

Personal online training can be of any kind and bring as much benefit as a workout in the gym. In addition, the online coaching prices are lower, and the demand is greater. For clients to come to you, they need to know what types of workouts you can offer them. For example, it could be strength and endurance training, yoga, or weight loss training.

FitWell Content offers a wide variety of different workouts. Here are a few of the options you can offer a client:

  • Strength and Mobility Program. The program consists of video lessons that last for 6 weeks, during which the client will be able to achieve significant results.
  • Yoga program. Yoga has become especially popular in recent years, and many people prefer to practice it at home, in more comfortable conditions. FitWell Content offers you a yoga program to introduce your clients to yoga and help them relax after a hard day. You can also purchase a 3-in-1 that will have additional meditation and mindfulness materials.
  • Lower Back Pain Program. This is a new product from FitWell Content that will help clients get rid of lower back pain. Don’t worry, the program is designed by a doctor, so it won’t hurt clients, but instead will make their lives better.

FitWell Content can offer you many more programs with which your personal trainer rates can be priced higher. Check it out here and pick the perfect program for you.

How is the price for the online trainer's services formed?

The cost of a personal trainer is formed based on all of the above: experience, certificates, type of training, additional services, etc. You should check in your city the average cost of the personal trainer services with the same parameters as yours, and put approximately the same price, or slightly higher.

But do not inflate the cost of your services, because not always expensive for customers means high quality. So always be guided by the average price in your city, and if you put a higher price, argue to potential customers why you have such price.

Differences between gym trainers' costs and online personal trainers' cost

As we have written before, as a rule, a gym trainer costs more than online coaching. Most gym trainers have been hired by someone, but online trainers for the most part work for themselves.

And although the cost of a gym trainer is higher, they earn about as much as an online trainer, if not less. All because online trainers can take more clients and set prices they want, but in the gym, the price is set by the fitness club.


Yes, but is it worth it? It’s not certain that a client will go to an overpriced trainer. If the price difference is not more than 10-15%, then you can raise the price.

If you present them correctly, yes. Outline why it is beneficial for the client to take classes with you (additional services, more programs, experience, etc.).

All program materials are editable, except the videos. If you want us to put your trademark on the video, write to us and we will discuss the individual cost.

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