TOP 10 Apps for Personal Trainer to Improve Communication with Clients

Top 10 Apps for Fitness Coaches to Improve Communication with Clients

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Are you a beginner fitness trainer? Or do you already have enough experience and regular clients, but you can’t find the perfect way to communicate with them? Then you should certainly read our article.

We realize how important it is for all trainers to establish communication with the client. It seems quite simple, but as practice shows, many trainers can have problems with it. Improperly scheduled personal time can produce minimal results and a negative experience, while you can get the most out of a client tracking app.

We stand out 10 app options for fitness coaches that will help to keep in touch with clients and get the most out of yourself and your client. Read on, and find the best option for you.

Benefits of using apps for fitness coaches

Before we review our top 10 apps for a personal trainer, we recommend learning why you should use these apps in the first place.

Every year new products appear on the market, each with its own feature. They clearly make our lives easier and allow us to communicate effectively. So why don’t we take advantage of the opportunities the smartphone era offers? Using fitness coach apps will allow you to:

  • Interact and communicate conveniently with clients (as well as between them) at any time;
  • Automate work processes and speed up work through templates;
  • Set the timetable that helps to plan your time intelligently;
  • Solve a large number of tasks in a shorter period;

With the help of apps, the personal trainer takes their business to the next level and can become even more successful.

Top 10 apps to communicate with clients

Sometimes it is difficult for coaches to choose a certain application that will lead them to success. However, it is necessary to make a choice, and the quality of the coach’s communication with clients depends on this choice.

We have already discussed the main advantages of online personal trainer apps. However, each app has its own “chips” with which it could become the best. For this reason, we decided to highlight 10 apps so that you as a trainer could not limit yourself in your choice and could consider all the pros and cons of choosing one single app.

health mate app

Health Mate

Health Mate opens our top apps for fitness trainers. This program is developed specifically for personal trainers/ They can track their client’s progress and complement it with extra motivation.

The app was developed by Withings, in addition to their smart scales and fitness trackers. So the app is compatible with the tracker and the electronic scales, and if your client uses them, you will have even more data about their body indicators.

Some clients need constant motivation, so you can set up the app once a week, on Monday, for example, all your clients can see each other’s weight. That way, it will be an incentive to be even better than someone else. But you can use this function only if you know the client well and you understand that in case of bad results, they will not withdraw into themselves, and certainly, they will not become depressed.

Download Health Mate for Andriod



Endomondo is the second popular online personal trainer app that we can recommend. The undoubted advantage of this app is that before each workout, clients can receive an automatic reminder and motivation to work out.

As in the previous app, clients can share their information with your other clients, and this will motivate them to compete with each other. But this option is only suitable for clients you know well.

Another pro of this app is the ability to track your clients’ stats and training history. This feature is not available for all personal trainer apps, but its usefulness is that you can monitor your client’s progress, and if there is no progress, then adjust the training.

You can use this app even if the client is in another city. You need to upload a video of the workout to the program and send it to the client. The program will send a notification to the client that they have a training session.

Download Endomondo for Android

justcoach app


Another helpful personal trainer app that will work for all of your clients. The idea is that the Justcoach app allows you to upload professional but at-home personal training sessions. Lately, professional home workouts have started to gain more and more popularity as people don’t have either the time or money to go to expensive gyms. 

With this fitness coach app, you can post workout videos for all of your clients. There is no need for you to customize each client with an individual workout, so you can save a great time promoting your fitness business further.

You can find the perfect workout for your clients with FitWell Content. We have many options for programs that are suitable for all people with any level of physical condition and age. All you have to do is choose a program you like and upload the content to the Justcoach app.

Download Justcoach for Android

vip coach eye app

VIP Coach’s Eye

The fourth app we decided to offer you is VIP Coach’s Eye. What makes this fitness coach app stand out from the others?

As with many other apps, the trainer can add video workouts for clients to work out at their convenience. But there’s another thing about this app that can “hook” trainers.

The thing about this app is that it has a workout recording feature. It works very simply: when your clients start exercising, and follow the coach from the video, they need to turn on the video recording in the app. That way, clients can watch a video of the exercises, and the app can use the camera to film clients doing the exercises and send it to the coach.

The trainer can view the video even in slow motion to guide clients if they make mistakes. In addition, diagrams can be added to the recorded footage to help demonstrate the client’s body angles. This will help teach proper exercise.

Download VIP Coach’s Eye for IOS


Probably everyone is familiar with social networks. So, this app for the personal trainer includes its own social network for fitness enthusiasts. Here, in addition to training, clients and trainers can communicate, share photos, create new statuses, and unite in a community of sports fans.

Why is this a benefit for you? Because as a trainer, you can find clients with similar levels of physical fitness and give them group classes. For a trainer, this would be very effective.

In addition, since it has its own social network, you can develop it, and thus attract even more clients. Post-training videos, make motivational pictures and talk about the benefits of a particular product. To make it easier for you, FitWell Content has created a social media calendar that includes lots of useful information. You’ll have a post ready for each day, like a health or nutrition infographic or something else. Each item can be adapted to your own brand in Canva.

Download TrainerFu for Android

Download TrainerFu for IOS

trube app


This app is available not only for coaches but also for clients. For instance, if you are a fitness coach, you can offer your services in this app, and a client who wants to train with you will write to you.

It’s the same for the client side: if you were a client, you would log in to the app and choose the right trainer, and then you would keep in touch with them.

A nice feature of the app is that you can write down what kind of training you offer. This way, the client will already know in advance what to expect. In addition, the client can sign up with you for online workouts, which means you can take advantage of FitWell Content and provide the client with professional workouts.

The only downside to the app, it’s only available for iPhone owners.

Download TruBe for IOS 

fitsy app


Unlike the previous one, this online personal trainer app is only available for Android owners.

As with some of the apps we’ve described, you can also add your own video lessons in this app. This is the distinguishing feature of this app. Fitsy encourages clients to work out on their own, without a coach. But it’s actually a pretty big plus because clients learn to work on their own, see the results, and want to keep interacting with your video lessons.

You can use ready-made video lessons with exercises in the offering, and you can use videos from our FitWell Content programs because our content is unique, created by professionals, and you can customize it to your brand.

Download Fitsy for Android



Once again, there is an app for a personal trainer that is only available for iPhones. You may ask what is unique about this app? Our answer is quick messages. This app has a built-in system where you can communicate with your clients.

We highlight this as a big advantage because the coach can easily separate your personal life from your work life, and all your work messages will be concentrated in just one app. Moreover, when you pick up the phone and see that you get a message in the app, you’ll know for sure that it’s a work message.

Another plus is that the app has in-app payment, and customers can pay you through the app using Apple Pay. Agree; not every app can boast of such a reputable feature.

Download Coachee for IOS

pt distinction

PT Distinction

This is one of the most popular fitness coach apps. Why is it so popular? It’s simple, this app has a lot of different blocks and schemes that can be useful for a personal trainer.

There’s also messaging, so your work will be centered in just one app. For the most part, work with clients is done online, you upload videos for your clients to practice on. In addition, you can track the progress of your clients and adjust training if necessary.

And here’s another feature that sets this app apart from others, it’s a nutrition tracker that’s built into the app. You can share healthy recipes with your clients that will be delicious but won’t derail your client’s progress.

Download PT Distinction for Android



The last app we would like to recommend is GymCatch. For the most part, this app is designed for clients who don’t have time to go to the gym, so they are looking for trainers online. But, this is a great chance for you because you will be able to actively promote your coaching services by offering many programs that clients will be interested in.

This online personal trainer app can guarantee a wide variety of clients because so many people want to maintain a healthy body but do it at home and conveniently.

Download GymCatch for IOS 

Download GymCatch for Android


Lately, many people prefer video classes because they can train at any time that is convenient for them.

Yes, it is better to work with an app initially. This will allow you to learn how to allocate your time wisely.

For the most part, they are free but may include optional in-app purchases that can expand the functionality of the features.

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