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Tips For Better Fitness Results For Your Clients

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The fitness industry is constantly undergoing significant changes, and it is becoming more and more popular. There are increasing numbers of gyms, fitness clubs, and sports. The trend for a healthy lifestyle is gaining momentum.

This is good news because, after the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, everyone wants to be healthier. This also applies to eating habits. Many people, after the prolonged quarantine, have reconsidered what they consume and how it affects their health.

But most of all, people have started exercising. Someone at home, someone in the gym, lifting heavy weights, but everyone who has decided to start exercising is waiting for some results which they have marked out for themselves. We suggest you read the best fitness tips that will help your clients become even more successful in the world of sports.

10 workout tips for your clients

Everyone wants to get results in one activity or another, and sometimes people can try so hard that they do not notice how they make things worse for themselves. To give you an example: 

  • Restricting their diet as much as possible to lose weight sooner. But it doesn’t work that way. As soon as the client starts very restrictive eating, the body will begin to store even more fat from the stress, and the client will not lose weight. 
  • Or do huge loads of strength training. Clients say that in this way, they will gain muscles quicker and do not understand that they will not gain anything with such fitness except delayed onset muscle soreness.

So that your clients can avoid making the same mistakes, we’ve put together our top 10 workout tips:

Quality sleep

While sleeping, muscles are relaxed and tissues damaged during training start “building” anew. All this is necessary to help the one cope with heavy loads and extra weights

In addition, lack of sleep is bad for brain function. If your client sleeps 6 hours, the risk of injury in strength training is twice as high as with 8 hours of sleep.

Stomach Vacuum

Making a stomach vacuum will help to reduce the waistline, correct posture, increase the volume of lungs, strengthen the inner abdominal muscles, so it will come to tone and tighten, and fitness training will become easier and more enjoyable. 

Training the transverse abdominal muscles is useful not only from an aesthetic point of view. The vacuum will also help improve physical health. 

However, a vacuum has several contraindications. It cannot be performed: during periods, pregnancy, uterine diseases, acute infectious diseases of the abdominal cavity, and small pelvis.

You can see how to vacuum here.


Water is essential for the human body because it serves as a reliable conductor of nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body. It circulates with the bloodstream, dissolves salts and nutrients, and helps them to be absorbed well. It is especially good to drink water for people who do strength training.

Water also helps to get rid of excess weight, and this is a very significant explanation that water is good to drink. That is why many trainers, when clients ask for tips on how to lose weight, say to drink more water, eat right, and do fitness.

Warm-up regularly

A warm-up is necessary to prepare muscles, joints, and heart for exercise. A quality warm-up improves muscle performance and reduces the chance of injury. Additionally, your client will tune up the psyche and nervous system for the work ahead. Vision, hearing, and reaction speed improve. 

This workout tip is probably one of the most important things all athletes should know and never forget


Cardio exercise is an essential part of any workout because aerobic exercise improves the cardiovascular, respiratory, and circulatory systems, as well as helping to keep the body toned, effectively burning fat, increasing body function, and improving endurance.

Cardio workouts can be performed even on a strength training day. Your client can do intense cardio instead of a warm-up or complete their workout with 15 or 20 minutes of low-intensity cardio. A quick walk on a treadmill with an incline is suitable to complete the workout.

muscle fitness


Today’s world forces us to live in multitasking mode. Due to the great variety of information, it has become difficult for people to concentrate on one thing for too long. If the client thinks about how to pass a report or an exam while exercising, this will 100% impair athletic performance. If the client concentrates on the workout, however, it will greatly improve performance. 

Let the client shift their attention to body sensations, such as heartbeat and breathing rate. In strength training, they need to concentrate on muscle work. For example, when doing a pull-up, the client can monitor how the load shifts from the muscles in the back to the arms and vice versa. This improves the connection between the brain and the muscles. 

If clients pay attention to these things, they can achieve the maximum training effect.

Breath control

Inhaling provides the body with oxygen, and exhaling cleanses the body of carbon dioxide. The workings of the nervous system are linked to breathing. By controlling it, people can control emotions, moving from stress to a calm state. 

When a person breathes with their chest, they do not use the whole part of the lungs and have to breathe more frequently. Breathing through the diaphragm gives more oxygen. And the more air the muscles get, the more effective the client will be able to perform fitness exercises.

Not a long workout

Many people who are not trainers give others workout tips that they think are right. One of those is to exercise as long as possible.

But if your client exercises effectively enough, about 40 minutes is enough time for them to work out. Further on, the client will reduce the intensity and it won’t be as effective anymore. It is better to train at a higher intensity for a shorter period of time.

Stretching after workout

Stretching improves muscle elasticity and joint mobility. It helps speed up recovery from exertion and reduces the risk of injury. In addition, stretching improves blood circulation. This reduces delayed onset muscle soreness after strength training. Also, with the help of stretching, you can reduce the recovery time of muscles and joints.

Post-workout sauna

Sauna, after a hard workout, can relieve the client from muscle pain due to the body’s production of endorphins. Also, sauna helps to eliminate lactic acid from the body, as well as eliminate toxins. The most important benefit is the detoxification of the body. Through sweat, harmful substances, toxins, and poisons leave the body.

If the client does not have the opportunity to go to the sauna after the workout, they can take a contrast shower.

Food intake tips to improve workout results

Another important point for the best results is to control what your client eats. All your clients should minimize their intake of fast carbohydrates if they consume a lot. It is better to replace them with healthy carbohydrates, such as buckwheat or oatmeal.

Our tips would be to consume more protein, especially during workouts. Clients can replenish protein in the body with protein shakes or protein bars, which can be purchased in specialized sports stores.

We think that it will be quite logical to give up fatty foods and fast food. And clients can replace it with a salad and vegetables.

To make it easier for your clients, you can give them access to the Meal Planner that FitWell Content has developed. There, your client can write down what they eat throughout the day, and you can check in and add healthy and delicious recipes for them.


Yes, if the client sticks to the plan. It is important to understand why the client has not been able to reach their goal before; perhaps, they have not slept enough or something has been bothering them. Talk to the client and try to analyze previous mistakes to prevent them from happening again.

To start with, let the client try to make each of the points on our article list, they will set up a workout and they’ll get it right. But for extra motivation, you can recommend reading the literature from FitWellContent.

Yes, of course, you can create separate copies for each of your clients.

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